Applying an Economic Calculus to Knowledge


Philosophy of Education

All humans are innately curious and have an insatiable appetite for knowledge. The role of an educator is to further stimulate that curiosity and motivate and facilitate learning in those that come for inspiration. One can best inspire by using the most effective methods and creating the best environment for eliciting students’ discovery and assimilation of knowledge. An educator should engage in variety of teaching methods such as, but not limited to, lectures and presentations, customized problem-solving exercises, interactive group discussions, individual and team projects, online simulations, and case studies. Recognizing that the diversity of students, both individually and as part of a class, will limit the effectiveness of any single method in maximizing learning opportunities, such variety in teaching methods seeks to engage all.

Graduate Courses

  1. Strategy Project, Lakehead University, Summer 2012 (BUSI 5091)
  2. Strategic Management, Lakehead University, Winter 2011 (BUSI 5071)
  3. Managerial Finance, Lakehead University, Spring 2010 (BUSI 5039)
  4. Managerial Economics, Lakehead University, Fall 2009 (BUSI 5017)
  5. Information Policy, University of Toronto, Winter 2008 (FIS2181)


Undergraduate Courses

  1. Selected Topics in Management, Winter 2013 (BUSI 4331)
  2. Quantitative Analysis, Lakehead University, Winter 2011 (BUSI 2336)
  3. Management Policy, Lakehead University, Fall 2010 - Winter 2011 (BUSI 3461)
  4. Introduction to the Business Environment, Lakehead University, Fall 2010 (BUSI 2317)
  5. Economic Statistics II, Lakehead University, Winter 2010 (ECON 2117)
  6. Finance II, Lakehead University, Winter 2010, Winter 2011 (BUSI 2039)
  7. Informatie-Economie (Information Economics), Universiteit van Amsterdam, Winter 2009 (BIKIE5)
  8. Kennis en leren (Knowledge and Learning), Universiteit van Amsterdam, Winter 2009 (BIKKL5)
  9. Managerial Finance II, Ryerson University, Winter 2008 (CFIN401)
  10. Finance II, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Winter 2006 (BUSI 2402)
  11. Finance I, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Fall 2005 (BUSI 2401)


Executive Education

  1. Business Planning
  2. Capital Budgeting